Clinical Externship

Clinical Externships

Career internships have a major input in educational programs. These enable our students to gather their first clinical experiences in the medical field and orient themselves professionally. MRI Clinical Externship, CT Clinical Externship, Mammography Clinical Externship.

MRI Clinical externship

MRI Clinical externship

  • 120 Clinical Education Hours
  • Students must pass the MRI entry level exam
  • Tuition $3,000.00
Computed Tomography Clinical externship

Computed Tomography Clinical externship

  • 80 Clinical Education Hours
  • Tuition $2,000.00
Mammography Clinical externship

Mammography Clinical externship

  • 80 Clinical Education Hours
  • Tuition $2,000.00
Our lessons are designed to ensure students are prepared for the future.

Our students have completed internships in the following clinical facilities:

  • University of Miami (UMHC)
  • Hialeah Hospital
  • Broward North Medical Center
  • Akumin
  • Millennium Diagnostics
  • Unlimited Diagnostics
  • Lakes Radiology
  • Universal Imaging
  • Medical City
  • Angel Diagnostics
  • La Colonia Imaging Center
  • Doral Medical Imaging
  • Diagnostic Medical Imaging



Medical imaging technology plays an essential role in today’s healthcare system. Workers with the knowledge and skills to perform diagnostic imaging procedures are in high demand. Med Academy provides the highest education level to all students who decide to build their careers in the Medical Field as Diagnostic Imaging Professionals.

*All fields are required